Welcome to Mount Carmel Youth Centre Project

Mount Carmel Centre - located in Aliwal North Eastern Cape South Africa - aims at transforming a donated farm into a Diocesan Youth Centre. The former convent and the other buildings will be redesigned and additional buildings erected.

Objectives of the new centre

  1. to provide space for social, ecological, cultural, educational, formational, spiritual, recreational and sport activities for the benefit mainly of children and youth.
  2. to serve adults, in particular those concerned with the formation and education of children and youth. 
This will enhance skills and contribute to a long term approach towards poverty alleviationRead More


Follow the construction of the centre

Donation needs

The construction of the buildings is now complete and Mount Carmel Youth Centre now seeks donations for the construction of the administration office, the construction of domestic staff accommodation and security fencing for the Centre . 
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Background and Context of the project

The farm Mount Carmel was a donation to the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The original intention of the donor was that it should serve the old sisters and be used as a place of formation. Due to dwindling numbers of sisters the congregation decided to offer the farm to the Diocese
The Diocese chief concern is to be faithful to the wishes of the original donor. The care of old sisters will only be part of the future, as elderly sisters will find a haven of peace at Mount Carmel. 
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