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New changes at Mount Carmel

posted Aug 22, 2011, 10:04 AM by Aliwal Diocese   [ updated Aug 23, 2011, 10:07 AM ]
In July 1948 John Austin Smith donated Mount Carmel to the Holy Cross Sisters in loving memory of his two children, Kathleen and Jackie. The purpose of this farm was firstly, to be home for the aged and sick sisters and secondly, for educational and ecclesiastical purposes. The Holy Cross sisters ran the farm and uplifted the local community for many years emphasizing education and housing.

On 1st January of this year the Holy Cross Sisters kindly donated the farm to the Catholic Diocese of Aliwal North as most of the sisters had retired to Fatima House. The Diocese will now run Mount Carmel as a Youth, training, conference and retreat centre.

The Centre has its focus on youth and children and the people working with them such as teachers and crèche personnel. The latter shall help to develop proper commitment and quality services together with a great ethos.

Mount Carmel Centre has had a few interdenominational conferences, retreats and meetings. Great plans are ahead and under the steady leadership of our Bishop, Michael Wüstenberg building and renovations have already started. This will include new accommodation for 64 guests, 4 supervisor cottages, a new dining hall, which will seat over 200 guests.

Mount Carmel will eventual discontinue with the cattle farming aspect as most of our time and energy will be focussed on the new Diocesan Centre. However the vegetable garden and small farm animals will remain.

Mt Carmel has already hosted its first wedding function in our quaint chapel. Guests of Rob and Renet Dorrington enjoyed the simple, clean and unspoilt beauty of our B and B facilities. Congratulations Rob and Renet.

Planning a celebration? Wanting a few days rest and relaxation? Needing a venue for a school function come and see what we have to offer. You are all most welcome.

For any further information please contact: 
Tel: 051 633 2342