1. Facilitator's accommodations
2. Dining Hall
3. Tuck Shop & Laundry
4. Youth accommodations
5. Supervisor's unit
6. Football & Sports field still pending
Existing buildings
7. Hall
8. Convent and Chapel
9. Former school
10. Farm

The Diocese of Aliwal has  transformed the Farm Mount Carmel, a gift of the Sisters of the Holy Cross (Menzingen, Luzern), into a Diocesan Pastoral Centre that focuses on the work with youth and children and the people who care for them as an adult formation Centre, in particularly for the training of leaders and Small Christian Communities.

The Centre is now fully functional. And has the following buildings and their functions in place
Hall/Conference Room
This is where all the workshops and meetings are held. It can host up to 200 participants and has the facilities of a fully functional conference room.
Dining Hall
This is right next to the conference room and it is were meals are served. It has a seating capacity of 200.The dining hall is equipped with an industrial kitchen where all the meals are prepared.
Youth Accommodation
A block of four dormitories which can accommodate 64 participants, each room accommodating four people. The rooms are  equipped with an ensuite bathroom which has a shower and the enviro toilet.
Supervisors unit
This is also part of the youth accommodation block where the supervisors who would have come with the young participants reside. It consists of 2 units both with ensuite bathrooms and a lounge in between where the supervisors can lounge after a long day in the workshops.
Tuchshop &Laundry
A fully equipped laundry where all the washing and ironing is done. The tuchshop is where all refreshments, airtime and other basic needs for a traveller are sold.
The Convent
It has been converted to 5 bedrooms with ensuits where each room accommodates 2 participants.
Former School
 The former school has been converted to a sewing room which consists of 30 machines then the other 2 classrooms have plans to be converted into entertainment rooms

Please follow link to see pictures.